Eating Sand Cures Brain Tumors According To Woman Who Ate Sand To Cure Her Brain Tumor


(Photo: eating sand cures brain tumors)

Despite what you may have heard from medical professionals, doctors, researchers, and any other geniuses about brain tumors, there appears to be a new cure for brain tumors. It comes from a very unlikely source — a little old lady in Lithuania, but she swears by her treatment for brain tumors. This woman believes eating sand cures brain tumors. After all, it cure hers. Or so she claims.

Stanislava Monstvilene, a 70-year-old, claims that she has been eating a sand-only diet and it has drastically improved her health and well-being. She was diagnosed with a brain tumor, and began her unique diet, which she swears is the reason she is still alive today.

“I had a late stage brain tumor. They said I wouldn’t last long. My hemoglobin level was 60 [some five times over the normal range],” Monstvilene said. “I was passing by and once an idea came to my mind – take the sand and eat it. For the first time I choked but then I got used to it.”

You may think it sounds insane, and it definitely does, but according to her doctor, her health has actually improved since she started munching on sand. “She has good blood. We examined her a while ago, but for the past few years she has not visited and has not applied for medical help,” said Liliana Vaishvilene, Monstvilene’s therapist.

Obviously, no doctor would ever tell you to start eating sand to cure any form of disease, and neither am I. But in this rare instance, it looks like it worked for this little old lady.

Maybe we should at least give it a try?