Elon Musk Is Trolling Flat-Earthers On Twitter And It’s Amazing

Joe Welkie
Elon Musk is trolling flat-earthers on twitter
(Photo: Elon Musk is trolling flat-earthers on twitter)

As if you needed any more reason to love the billionaire genius business mogul who is single-handedly trying to save the world, Elon Musk is trolling flat-earthers on Twitter. The man behind PayPal, Tesla, and SpaceX has taken to the social media platform in order to mess around with people who believe the planet Earth is flat, and he’s doing it hilariously.

With this one tweet he sent, he caught the attention of The Flat Earth Society. They didn’t attempt to degrade the man, but they began responding earnestly and things got ridiculous.

Who would have ever thought this would be a battle we are fighting in 2017? 

This response seems to contradict everything flat-earthers are all about. You see, a commonly held belief of flat-earthers is that observations of Earth’s spherical shape are flawed or faked. So why wouldn’t Mars’ be? Why do they just accept that Mars isn’t flat based on observations, but won’t accept that Earth isn’t flat?

None of this makes sense, but it sure is funny.