Ex-CIA Chief Calls Donald Trump a ‘Threat to National Security’

Logan Rapp
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It wouldn't be the first time that someone has called the Orange Man Donald Trump dangerous, but it's not everyday that the person in question is a former Director of Central Intelligence. And that's exactly who Michael Morell is, penning an op-ed in the New York Times warning that the Republican nominee "may well pose a threat to national security." 

A company man who's been with the CIA for 33 years and led the agency from 2010-2013, Morell has "always been silent about my preference for president," likely because he wanted to be capable of working with the executive branch no matter what party POTUS is from. It appears that the prospect of a Donald Trump presidency has made it impossible for him to remain quiet. Probably because a loudmouthed, strongman-wannabe is coming close to having access to classified information and the nuclear codes. 

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More than Trump simply being incompentent and irresponsible, Morrell is now making the case that Trump is also being completely manipulated by Russian President Vladimir Putin, noting that Putin "was a career intelligence officer" and "played upon Mr. Trump's vulnerabilities by complimenting him. He responded just as Mr. Putin had calculated." Morell believes that "Mr. Putin had recruited Mr. Trump as an unwitting agent of the Russian Federation." Which, by "unwitting agent," he clearly means "too stupid to realize he's a pawn of Putin's." 

Mike Pence, Trump's running mate, shot back that "people that know Donald Trump know that he knows how to stand up and he knows how to stand strong, and standing up to Russian aggression is going to be really different under a Trump-Pence administration, and everybody knows that," thus proving that Mike Pence might need an English tutor, if nothing else. Of course, Morell is not the only former head of the CIA who's not standing for Trump.

Remember, everyone, Election Day is November 8th. We've still got a little over three months left of this.  

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