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Ex-NASA Engineer Fills A Pool With Jell-O

Ex-NASA Engineer Fills A Pool With Jell-O May 31, 2019Leave a comment

    Everyone gets random ideas that sound cool but they never go through with them. Well, this is not the case for Mark Rober who is a former NASA engineer. Once he gets a crazy idea, he spends months planning his every move to make that idea come to life and his latest idea was to create a pool full of jell-o! Yes, you read that right. Mark wanted to fulfill his childhood dream of belly flopping in a jell-o filled pool.

    20. Sweet Jell-O

    Who doesn’t love jell-o? It’s sweet and it’s easy to make. Not just that, but there’s nothing better than a cup of cold jell-o during a hot summer’s day and Mark Rober knows that too well.