Facebook Purposefully Crashed Its Own App to Test User Loyalty


(Photo: OBSEV / Shutterstock)

If you’re one of the billion people that use Facebook each day (and, if you’re reading this, you almost certainly are), you may have noticed some unusual crashes on your app in recent weeks.

The social media giant has reportedly been running tests where they purposefully crashed their Android app to see how users would react to a sudden cut off in their pure, uncut Facebook supply.

Turns out, the user base remains undeterred by hurdles like a broken app. Overwhelmingly, the users just went to their mobile browser of choice to log in to the social media platform.

Facebook is reportedly running these “loyalty” drills in a contingency preparation for a potential “Android Doomsday” wherein the Google Play store would no longer offer Facebook apps. The store currently is not planning to drop those apps, but who knows what the future will hold as the two tech titans continue to compete for market space.

Facebook enjoyed a 45.4% growth in ad revenue in their fourth quarter of 2015. It seems unlikely that even a falling out with Google could stop this juggernaut.