Families of Fallen Soldiers Have Had Enough of Trump

Logan Rapp
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Gold Star familes — families of soldiers who've died in combat — are one of the few subsections of American culture that we can largely agree are not subject to the beratement of our politicial entities. No matter what they actually say, the families of a fallen American soldier get to have their voice heard without politicians shouting them down. Well, that's over, and we can thank the Orange Man Donald Trump for ruining centuries of tradition and respect. But now, other families of fallen soldiers are speaking out against the Republican nominee for President of These United States.

When Khizr Khan, father of Captain Humayan Khan, who died trying to stop a car bomb from destroying his compound in 2004, stepped up to the DNC to speak out against Trump, specifically pulling out a Constitution and asking Trump if he'd read it, it was an effective moment, one that'll rile up the base and maybe a few independents, but overall it's not going to move the needle for any significant measure. That's if Trump didn't do anything. Except he did, because he has a compulsion to disgust just about every group and subgroup of American culture. And so he responded, claiming that he had "made sacrifices" contrary to what Khan had said. That made the gold star families write a letter to Trump stating "when you say your job building buildings is akin to our sacrifice, you are attacking our sacrifice." Because he is. Because he's a nightmare human. 



And then Trump just couldn't shut up. After his tweet, you'd think the initial, highly negative response to this would tell him that he should probably back off from this line of attack. But of course he couldn't, and continued his anti-Muslim attacks, suggesting that Ghazala Khan, Khizr's wife, was barred from speaking, because this is how Muslims are, you see? This of course prompted Ghazala to not only speak out, but write an extended op-ed in the Washington Post, torpedoing the suggestion immediately.

Meanwhile, GOP elders are having panic attacks, with John McCain and Paul Ryan both condemning Trump's disrespect and racism while still somehow remaining supporters of him for President of These United States. Sure, Hillary Clinton proved him to be thin-skinned and unable to take any criticism without firing back, to the point of attacking a family of a fallen soldier, but he still absolutely needs to be the leader of the free world. Who gets in a feud with a gold star family? 



The same man who made fun of POWs, of course. 

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