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Hilarious Fast Food Fails That Will Make You Cringe

Hilarious Fast Food Fails That Will Make You Cringe June 28, 2017

fast food fails

    The most hilarious fast food fails you’ll ever see

    Good afternoon. I’m an inspector from the Fast Food Quality Control Agency. Since you own this franchise, you’ve probably heard all about the establishment of the FFQCA. We exist to oversee the quality and aesthetic integrity of fast food. Fast food, as you know, no longer falls under the FDA’s jurisdiction. Because it doesn’t meet new legal definitions of “food.” I’m here because a customer filed a complaint to the FFQCA about fast food fails at your store. And, therefore, federal law requires me to look into the matter. If you’ll show me to your store’s dining and kitchen areas, we’ll get this inspection over and done with as soon as possible…

    Cheese on Top Fast Food Fails

    fast food fails
    IMAGE BY: Imgur

    I assume this is a new fast-food sandwich product I’ve never heard of, some sort of cheese-hat hamburger. I’ll say it’s a little odd, but not really so much odder than a square hamburger patty. To be honest, it’s such a cute burger wearing a cheese hat! This is fine.