Police Had To Rescue This Fat Raccoon That Was Stuck In A Sewer

Joe Welkie
fat raccoon stuck in a sewer
(Photo: fat raccoon stuck in a sewer)

Local authorities in Zion, Illinois, had their hands full when they got a call regarding a fat raccoon stuck in a sewer. Luckily, the folks who saw the little fur ball struggling to excape called the correct authorities. The raccoon, which may have had too much Halloween candy, was able to get the help it needed.

Chunky Raccoon Stuck In A Sewer

“It seems this little guy has been eating a little too well and got caught in the sewer grate,” a representative of the Zion Police Department wrote on the department’s Facebook page. Unfortunately, the police weren’t able to extract the little critter by themselves, so they had to call in reinforcements from the Zion Public Works Department.

Once animal control came in, they were able to free the not-so-little raccoon from the sewer grate, and it fled off into the autumn day. It wasn’t an easy task, but, luckily, some good Samaritans were around to get the critter the help it needed.

Chunky Raccoon Stuck In A Sewer

Who knows what this raccoon was feasting on that made it so tubby that it couldn’t squeeze into the sewer? Maybe it was another victim of that nefarious Pennywise the Dancing Clown. That would be awful.