Science Says If You Want To Get Huge At The Gym, Start Swearing And Cussing


One problem many gym rats face in their lifting careers is the dreaded plateau. You’ll be lifting pretty good for a while, but then, all of a sudden, you’ll hit a wall and it’ll seem like you can’t lift any heavier weight. Well, if you’re looking to break through that wall like you’re the Kool-Aid Man, this could be your solution: Research shows if you swear while lifting, it can improve your gains.

The study, which took place at Keele University, had lifters perform an exercise. While they were repping out the set, they were asked to repeat a swear to see if it had any effect. In the case of this study, the participants were asked to repeat a swear word while riding a bike, and then they were asked to repeat a word that is used to describe a table, like “wooden” or “brown.”

The results of the study were extraordinary…

Turns out the people who repeatedly swore during their time on the bike produced around 24 watts of power higher than those who didn’t swear.

This test was repeated, only this time the participants were asked to swear while using a hand grip. When swearing, people’s strength was boosted by the equivalent of 4.6 pounds on average, the researchers said.

This result shouldn’t be too surprising. If you think back to the times in your life when you were struggling with something strength-related, you’d better believe you put forth your best effort while you were cussing at the top of your lungs.

Maybe we’ll see more profanity at the Summer Olympics when they come back around. It’s been scientifically researched and studied: We should all be swearing more often at the gym if we want to see THEM GAINZ, BABY! Just don’t do be too loud, or people might think you’re a crazy person.