Footage Of This Enormous “Pigzilla” Is Driving The Internet Insane

Joe Welkie
This giant pig has been named Pigzilla
(Photo: Huffington Post)

Generally, people have pretty good feelings about pigs. Why not? There’s a lot to like about them! They are generally pretty adorable. They are smart. And they are pretty darn tasty when you decide to eat them. But things took a drastic turn when this footage hit the Internet. This giant pig has been named Pigzilla and it is so huge that it’s terrifying.

This giant pig has been named Pigzilla

While it is technically not a “pig” like most of us think. It isn’t a barnyard animal. This is actually a wild boar, but close enough.

Anyway, this giant boar was caught roaming through Hong Kong with a pack of piggy brethren and as you can see, he was digging through a dumpster. While this seems insane and scary, in Hong Kong they are quite used to this.

This giant pig has been named Pigzilla

Boar that weigh as much as 450 pounds are known to roam the mountains of Hong Kong. They aren’t typically that large, but it isn’t out of the realm of possibility. And it’s not too strange to have them start coming down from the mountains and hanging out in the city.

That didn’t stop the social media universe from having a field day with Pigzilla.

This giant pig has been named Pigzilla

People had their humorous takes on the giant boar and some of them are just too funny.

This giant pig has been named Pigzilla

The most disturbing part of this story is the boar was found rummaging through the dumpster outside of a school. Would you be worried about your kids if this beast was outside their school?


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