A Fun Science Project With Liquid Nitrogen Almost Killed These People On Live TV


(Photo: An Australian TV host was almost killed in a liquid nitrogen experiment)

Things almost got a little too real on this live television broadcast as an Australian TV host was almost killed in a liquid nitrogen experiment. It was set up to be a light-hearted piece of scientific fun, but things almost went south in a hurry when the liquid nitrogen-filled Coke bottle rocketed right past her face, nearly taking her head off.

Science teacher and YouTube sensation Jacob Strickling was a guest on the show “Studio 10” to show off the Coke bottle rocket trick. Unfortunately, one of the show’s hosts, Natarsha Belling, was a bit unsure about how exactly she should be holding the bottle as it filled with liquid nitrogen.

Instead of releasing the bottle upside down, she let it go on a diagonal slant, which caused the bottle to fly right past her head in a terrifying fashion.

“I can’t hear out of my right ear,” Belling said afterward. Strickling was upset at how horribly this could have gone wrong. “I’ve done it twice ― you should’ve been watching,” he said. 

“I wasn’t watching,” Belling replied. 

This is why you must always pay attention in science class, kids. Science can be fun, but if you aren’t careful, it can smash you right in the face.