Here’s What Happened When Cops In Australia Encountered A 16-Foot-Long Snake


(Photo: a giant snake in Australia)

When a giant snake in Australia was so big it was disrupting traffic, you know something had to be done. But what exactly do you do when an enormous, 16-foot-long snake is blocking a road? Call animal control? Just let it stay there? Nope! In Australia you call the police.

Two officers had to usher the giant python across a road a little bit north of Cairns, Queensland, Australia. The snake was so large that it stretched across the road, making it impossible for any driver to continue without running the monster over.

The officers involved decided the best course of action was to just let the snake make its way across the road. The didn’t want to risk their lives trying to deal with the snake themselves, and who could blame them? Look at that freakin thing!

Other citizens across the Twitter-verse had different ideas with how the snake should have been handled.


David Walton from Cairns Snake Removals said the officers made the right call in not dealing with it themselves. A snake that size is insanely powerful and can do a ton of damage, and would probably kill someone if they felt threatened. 

The insane part is that isn’t even the biggest version of that particular snake. Amethystine pythons have been known to grow up to 26 feet! So the officers got off pretty lucky, all things considered.