A Giant Teddy Bear For Sale Online Looks Way Different From Photos, And It’s Freaking People Out

Joe Welkie
giant teddy bear is creeping customers out
(Photo: Joyfay)

Teddy bears are supposed to be cute, cuddly, and something you want to curl up next to when you go to sleep. But a toy company named JoyFay’s giant teddy bear is creeping customers out because of how different it looks from its online photos.

At first, when you see the 6-feet-5-inch teddy bear on its Amazon page, it looks proportional. It just looks like any ordinary giant, stuffed teddy bear. There’s nothing too disconcerting about the product. In fact, it looks pretty cute.

But once customers purchased and received the giant teddy bear, they came to the realization that its massive height had to come from somewhere, and that somewhere is its legs. Pretty much just its legs.

I mean, look at this freaky thing. It looks like a drunk teddy bear who is passing out after a long day at the office.

Needless to say, many of the customers were none-too-pleased about their purchase. The reviews on the product tanked a bit before JoyFay refunded their money, and ultimately decided to fix the product. They shortened the legs just a tad, and I’m not sure if that will make it better or worse. At this point, they should have just leaned in to the whole long-legged teddy bear thing.