This Hunter Went Goose Hunting, And His Prey Exacted Instant, Devastating Revenge


In an incredibly shocking case of instant karma, a goose hunter was almost killed when a dead goose fell on him. The injuries sustained were so serious that the hunter had to be rushed to the hospital. He should consider himself lucky that it didn’t get much worse for him, as the bird could have done even more serious damage.

Robert Meilhammer, the 51-year-old experienced hunter, was knocked unconscious by the bird after someone in his group shot it. It fell from the sky and landed right on Meilhammer’s head, knocking him out. He was taken to a shock trauma in Baltimore to treat his injuries.

“These birds weigh anywhere from 10 to probably 14 pounds,” said Candy Thomson, the spokeswoman for Maryland Natural Resources Police. Which means one that is free falling from the sky can cause some pretty severe damage if it lands in the right spot.

The goose even knocked out two of Meilhammer’s teeth, which is truly a feat. Meilhammer will be able to make a recovery after having his injuries treated, and he is in stable condition.

I’m just not too sure Meilhammer will be going on too many goose hunts after this experience. It’s a case where, in the battle of man vs. wild, wild won.