Greedy, Fat Squirrel Caught Stealing Delicious Treats Meant For Delivery Workers


Let this be a lesson for anyone thinking about leaving some nice treats and presents out for their mailman or delivery person. A greedy squirrel was caught stealing treats that were left out for a mailman and/or delivery person.

The deed went down in Maplewood, New Jersey and the squirrel nearly got away with it, until the family who left the treats out checked their security cameras. Michele Boudreaux said on her blog that she always leaves out candy, snacks, hand warmers, and other treats for the people making deliveries to her house. “We do this for the many delivery people who come to our house during the busy holiday season. We tip the usual suspects; the mailman gets an extra bit of love, the trash guys, too. But this is for all the outsourced work, those third parties.”

Well, this year, she caught a squirrel in the act of stealing the goods. “He cleared me out of chocolate. (All on video). Then the snack bars. Then the Ricola,” she wrote, “I mean, this squirrel is so obese — a jolly ol’ chap — he must be prepping for a decade of winters.”

Well, if you’re a delivery man in Bordeaux’s neighborhood, I suggest you make your deliveries quickly, otherwise your snacks will be gobbled up by this squirrel!