Groom Asks Weird Question At The Altar, Leaves Bride In Tears

Groom Asks Weird Question At The Altar, Leaves Bride In Tears November 17, 2022Leave a comment

The Moment After She Said, "I Do"

The soon-to-be bride had no words left. Was she going to marry a man who spoke that way? She wondered how he had such a character.

Maggie didn't know whether to speak or not. Her parents were staring at her with tears in their eyes. She could feel their emotions; she couldn't even look at them.

First Love


These two teenagers were natives of North Carolina and grew up in Asherville. They were kind-hearted souls and would volunteer in the community.

Being in the same school meant sharing the same friends. The two often hung around with the same people, so they got to know each other well. They got on very well.

We Are A Thing


Maggie and Caleb seemed to have more than just a friendship. They spent time together after school as well. At this point, they didn't know where their relationship would take them.

Caleb wanted to ask Maggie out. He was nervous but finally plucked up the courage to ask her to dinner. All their friends were happy and thought they made a cute pair. They didn't know about Caleb's hidden persona.

We Are Really In Love


Caleb worshiped Maggie. He was besotted with her and would do anything she desired. Maggie reciprocated the love. She always supported Caleb, who had a very adventurous nature.

Although they didn't have much life experience, the couple was madly in love. Caleb couldn't live without Maggie and wanted to make her all his. He decided to buy a ring and propose. He looked for a pretty piece that would match his future wife's style.

Peas In A Pod


After finding the right engagement ring and asking both sides' parents for permission, Caleb was ready to pop the question. He arranged a romantic dinner and asked Maggie to be his wife.

Maggie was amazed. She never saw it coming. "She shouted Yes! Yes! A thousand times yes!" Caleb was beaming from ear to ear as he hugged his soon-to-be bride.

Adult Decisions


Soon the news spread of the couple's engagement. Maggie's family felt that Caleb was a stellar guy and they were happy at the match. Everyone supports their relationship which made it easier for them to plan.

Having the spotlight on them made Maggie very conscious of her wedding plans. She realized she had a lot to do. Caleb was easygoing, but she hoped they would meet eye to eye on their wedding plans.



The couple both came from religious backgrounds. They increased their church attendance after getting engaged. They needed to keep their faith strong.

Maggie helped out with the church meetings every Sunday. She invited Caleb to assist her. The church congregation could see what a good impact she was making on his attitude. They didn't know the profound impact it would have on his life.

An Army Wife

Dwayne Schmidt Photography

They lived apart during the first few years of the couple's engagement. It was Caleb's dream to serve with the US Marines. Although Maggie would miss him, she had to let him go on his path.

Maggie worked hard alone and saved money for their wedding. She often wondered if Caleb's feelings were still as strong as hers. He kept communication alive with calls and letters, so she didn't think she had to worry. But she didn't know what he was thinking all this time.

Our Wedding Album


Maggie didn't have a wealthy background, and neither did Caleb. So, they had to budget everything precisely for their wedding. There were still a few essential aspects to decide on, like a great professional photographer.

Even though they planned in advance, they still couldn't find a photographer they could relate to. All the best had already been booked. One day, as luck would have it, they received a call from Dwayne Schmidt, one of the top photographers of the time.

One Important Thing


Dwayne Schmidt said that he had a cancellation and would be able to photograph their wedding. The couple was overjoyed. Maggie was thrilled knowing she would have a stunning wedding album.

Before the wedding, Maggie and Caleb had a few quiet moments together. Maggie was still stressing that everything should be perfect, and Caleb was trying to calm her down.

The Big Day Is Here


When the big day finally came, Dwayne was happily snapping away, capturing all the special moments at the wedding. He was taking photos of the couple and their family, documenting them as they got ready for the most important day of their lives.

When it was finally time, the guests in the room saw Caleb enter, and then a feeling of excitement and anticipation lingered in the room as they all waited with bated breath. The guests had no idea what was coming. 

Never Going To Forget This

Dwayne Schmidt Photography

With his eyes down, Caleb was becoming increasingly nervous as he walked closer and closer to Maggie. They had both waited for this moment for such a long time, and now it was finally upon him. 

He could only imagine what his beautiful soon-to-be wife looked like behind the wall. It was a moment he will never forget. And he was so right.

The Moment Is Here 

Dwayne Schmidt Photography

Caleb finally made it to the set of stairs near the far wall. A door beside the stairs was ajar, and Maggie was waiting just on the other side. She had been waiting for him all along, and now they had finally reached their moment. It was now or never.

She met Caleb in the doorway. At that moment, the couple grasped hands and connected. Then, just as their hands met, they immediately broke down. But Caleb had something he just had to get off his chest. And what he would say would leave everybody speechless. 

Didn't Know What Was Coming 

Dwayne Schmidt Photography

Caleb and Maggie were wholly absorbed with one another in their private moment. But the rest of the room couldn't help but feel some of the magic. 

All the women in the room were emotional watching the couple find each other's hands in the doorway. It was such a beautiful moment and wasn't even close to being over yet.

Shared Prayer

Dwayne Schmidt Photography

The couple was emotional, but they wanted to make sure that they said everything they wanted to say at this moment. Tears rolled down Caleb and Maggie's cheeks as they decided to say a prayer. With trembling voices and hands firmly locked together, they asked God to bless their marriage.

 But Caleb couldn't hold it in any longer. He had to tell the truth. 

A Beautiful Surprise

Dwayne Schmidt Photography

Caleb and Maggie had planned to say their prayers together, but Maggie wasn't prepared for what would happen next. After the prayer together, Caleb said something that he had prepared carefully and on his own.

Caleb's words came as a surprise to Maggie and she was totally shocked. In front of all of the people watching, Caleb built up the courage to speak out.

Lost For Words

Dwayne Schmidt Photography

Everyone in the room was totally silent, on tenterhooks. With shaking hands, Caleb asked God to bless his beautiful bride-to-be and to also bless his amazing future family. Caleb believed that it was right to ask for this before they were married, and Maggie was completely touched by all of this. 

She covered her face with her hands and knew that she had made the right decision. The couple never suspected that the moment would be shared by so many.

An Ever So Special Moment

Dwayne Schmidt Photography

Dwayne had taken one picture in particular that he was very excited about. It showed the lovebirds holding hands, completely absorbed in love and affection.

The photo was so beautiful and heartfelt that he decided to post it on his Facebook page. It was on Facebook that people began to see the photo and share it. In all his days of being a photographer, Dwayne had never experienced such a response from one photo.

Going Viral

Dwayne Schmidt Photography

Everyone responded very positively to the story of Caleb and Maggie. They loved what the photo stood for, and they loved that Dwayne was able to capture such raw emotion in the couple.

It captured the couple's commitment to each other and to their faith in a very genuine way. He was beyond proud and honored. To his surprise, the views on social media kept growing, and people continue to support his talent and react to the amazing story.

What A Touching Story!

Dwayne Schmidt Photography

At the end of the big day, the couple couldn't have been happier with how everything turned out. Although it was overwhelming at times, the couple didn't care; now they were able to spend their time together forever.

With that in mind, Caleb and Maggie were very thankful to their guests, and to Dwayne in particular. Their day would not have been nearly as amazing without being able to share it with these special people. And when they look at the moment that Dwayne captured so beautifully, they know that they will never forget the promises they made that day. But a few states over, another set of unexpected circumstances was happening.

Following The Rules

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Her instructions were clear: No formal wear and no colors outside the agreed color palette. But the man felt like he needed to make a statement. This was his wedding, too, after all. 

Instead of following the rules, he got a different suit and attended his wedding. What happened next was enough to show him that his fiance wasn't playing. 

Mike And Terry 

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Mike and Terry had dated for two years before they decided to tie the knot. Soulmates in every way possible, the two had built a beautiful life together.

People always said that the two fed off each other, given their similarities in what they loved and hated. But one day, a simple difference would come between them, stopping one of the biggest days in their lives.

A Chance Meeting


Mike met Terry at a friend's Halloween party a few months before they started going out. He was the quiet guy brooding in the corner, and she was the energetic miss dancing to music and talking to everyone. 

Of course, she gravitated to him as he had to her. A wonderful friendship would grow from this chance encounter and, from that, a two-year-long courtship. Who would think it would all come crashing down at the altar?

A Difficult Wedding 


Mike and Terry's wedding was a difficult one from the start. Mike had always been understanding, with Terry always compromising to make things work between them. 

But as they started the wedding planning process, it soon became apparent that what they'd first perceived as a manageable process would test them to their limits. The end would be disastrous.

Her Demands


The first thing that Terry asked for was enough to make Mike shoot to his feet with his eyes wide open. "You don't want any kids at the wedding ceremony?" he repeated what she'd said.

She shook her head, explaining that she didn't only want kids at the ceremony but that the event wouldn't take place in a church. Knowing Mike had deep roots in religion, Terry waited for his reaction. 

She's Serious 


Mike paced around the living room for a few minutes before sitting down. He stood again, hands on his waist, and asked Terry if she was serious. 

"I have nieces and nephews looking forward to this," he grated, still unsure if his fiance was genuinely considering a childless wedding. "And where do you presume we're going to get married if not a church?" he asked.

Barn Wedding


"The wedding will be in a barn at night," Terry began, handing Mike a few choice photos. She showed him what she was looking for, a barn wedding lit with rows of candles and wreathed in white roses. 

"But I don't want the roses and candles," she said, and Mike's brows crooked. "I want tattered rags everywhere, dark colors, and red bulbs." But she'd only begun.    

Red Paint

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"I want wet red paint that will mimic blood," Terry said with a straight face. She handed Mike another set of photos, gesturing at what she was talking about.

"I want the guests to either dress in monster costumes or in colors that will adhere to this color palette right here." She pointed at an array of colors ranging from black, red, silver, grey, and dark purple. But she wasn't finished. 

Are Those Zombies?


"This is going to be a Creature Feature wedding," she said. "I don't want my dad to walk me down the aisle, but a mob of zombies chasing me to you."

"I'm thinking we should do this around Halloween to save money and also to go with the whole monster theme." She smiled even though she could see how much the news had stumped Mike. Would he agree to any of this?

Creature Feature Rules

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Mike knew how much Terry loved creature feature media. She had countless books, comics, games, movies, costumes, and dolls centered around monsters.

Although he wasn't opposed to most of her wedding wishes, he couldn't help but feel he was being left out of the planning process. He asked one question to show him his place in Terry's life.

Clearing The Air

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"Who will we dress as?" Mike asked with his hands folded over his chest. The idea felt good, although he didn't like the part about his nieces and nephews not attending his wedding. The least he could do was hear Terry out. 

"We can go as Dracula and Mina," Terry said. She explained that the ceremony's theme was too dark for any child to attend. "But on a lighter note, our costumes are already at the tailor's," she shared. Mike's heart stopped.

Vlad The Impaler?

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"Dracula?" he stammered, already picturing standing before his friends and family in full makeup and a weird red cape. As much as he loved his wife, he couldn't do that to himself. 

"This is crazy," he whispered under his breath. That simple comment would start a long war between the two over their wedding details, ending in a chaotic exchange on their wedding day.

Final Touches 

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Terry arranged her dream barn wedding and invited all the friends and family comfortable enough to stand by her in her creature feature ceremony. 

Dressed in a 19th-century bespoke dress, with makeup that made her resemble a vampire's beautiful bride, she raced down the aisle with zombies hot on her heels. But what she saw made her stop in her tracks.

A Changed Man 


Mike was standing at the altar in a regular blue suit. His hair wasn't swept back like Dracula's, and he wasn't wearing any makeup. Terry's bouquet fell to the floor. "Get out," she stammered. "Leave!"

Mike walked away, disappearing in the barn's red lights. But he came in a flowing red cape and full makeup a minute later. His entrance was majestic, his face split by a breathtaking smile. But one thing was still the same. 

Red Light

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Mike had kept his blue suit, but his shirt's collar was stained red. He also had fangs and golden irises that made his eyes shine in the barn. Leaning in, he whispered into Terry's ear, "Hello, bride," in a Romanian accent. She shivered excitedly. 

Mike and Terry exchanged their vows under the barn's red radiance. Before them stood creatures of all kinds, from vampires and werewolves to Frankenstein, witches, and zombies. How great would their marriage be if their wedding was wild and fantastic? 

Disclaimer: To protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author's imagination. Any resemblances to actual events, places, or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.