Guess How Many Parasitic Worms This Woman Had Surgically Removed From Here Eyeball. Wrong, It Was More.


I know a lot of people who are already claiming that 2018 is not their year. We all start out with hopes that we will change our lives around in the new year, and then life just takes a giant crap on us. But at least you’re not doing as poorly as Abby Beckley. Who is Abby Beckley? In sace you aren’t sure who she is — this woman needed to remove 14 worms from her eye. 

So yea, you’re 2018 probably isn’t that bad in comparison.

Beckley was working on an Alaskan fishing boat when she noticed something was wrong with her eye. After poking around her eye a bit, scratching and digging, she found the cause of her ocular issues — worms in her eye.

“I put my fingers in there in kind of a picking motion and I pulled out a worm,” Beckley told BuzzFeed. “I looked at my finger and it was moving and I was shocked.”

Over the next several days, she removed 6 more worms from her eyes.

Worried that the problem would continue, Beckley called a doctor finally. Since the parasitic worms were deeply embedded in her eyes, they couldn’t be removed all at once.

It’s incredibly rare for these worms, known as wiggling cattle worms, to be found in humans. They are more likely to be found in cattle, as the name implies.

Though this may be psychologically scarring and gross, there doesn’t appear to be any permanent physical damage. But I’m sure any of us with an itch in our eye now will consider the possibility of worms. Thanks, science!