That Guy Who Saved A Rabbit During The California Wildfires Is Somehow Facing Backlash


A man who saved a rabbit during the California wildfires is now facing backlash online from people across the web. His heroic deed of saving an animal who was running toward the flames is now being questioned, despite support from celebrities and across the Internet for what seems like a kind gesture toward the seemingly helpless animal.

Caleb Wadman, 21, saw the little animal running toward the fire when he was pulled over near The Thomas Fire, the raging wildfire that still engulfs a large part of Southern California even today. But as you can see in the video, the rabbit was a bit reluctant to run toward Caleb. He had to shout and scream in order to get its attention before scooping it up and running it to safety.

Wadman told Huffington Post,”I had faith … and that’s when the bunny ran back towards the flames. And I was like, ‘No, baby bunny, I’m here. I’m going to take care of you.'”

Unfortunately, Wadman had to face a controversy about his daring rescue. Another man, Oscar Gonzalez first claimed he was the man in the video rescuing the rabbit. So when Wadman came forward and said it was him in the video, many people were skeptical and assumed he was a glory hound. 

Fortunately, members of the animal hospital where Wadman brought the rabbit confirmed it was actually Wadman who did the deed. Perhaps Gonzalez saved a different rabbit and was wearing similar clothes on that night.

Luckily the rabbit is safe and sound now though.

After receiving some medical attention, it appears to be back in good health. That is terrific news for a rabbit that surely would have enjoyed seeing another carrot another day.

Wadman is now getting recognition from celebrities on social media for his heroism. Ellen took notice and posted about his awesome deed on Instagram.

Hopefully we hear some more stories of heroism in these dark times. We need more heroes and less victims in the world. Kudos, Caleb Wadman.