A High-Fashion Clothing Brand Is Selling This Clear Plastic Bag For A Truly Ridiculous Amount Of Money


If you ever needed any evidence that the beauty industry has gotten out of control, look no further. Sure, we look past when they force models to dress in embarrassing outfits, we look past when their runway shows are over-the-top ridiculous, we even look past when the models they use seem to be malnourished. But this, this has gone too far. A high-fashion company is selling a clear plastic bag for $600.

Fashion company Celine is thinking they can get away with this stunt because apparently (and they’d never say this), fashionistas are complete suckers.

The bag is “designed” by Phoebe Philo, who had worked with Celine for a number of years and made quite a name for herself within the industry.

This bag first appeared on Celine’s runway during their spring/summer 2018 collection exhibition and people went ga-ga over it. So much so, that they didn’t bat an eyelash over the ridiculous price tag. This plastic bag will put you back $590.

For those of us who aren’t so keen on taking our money and flushing it right down the toilet, there are more economical options. First, you could stand on any street corner and wait 15 minutes and a clear plastic bag will probably fly past you as debris. But if you MUST spend money on clear bags, you can head to Amazon and pick up 120 of these badboys for $17.50.

If you want to put your hard-earned money down to buy a $600 plastic bag, by all means, go for it. But just know: It’s not worth it. Guaranteed.