Hillary Clinton is the First Major Party Female Nominee for President

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Hillary Clinton has made many a stride for women in politics, but this might be the biggest one yet as she is officially nominated as the Democratic party's choice for President of These United States, setting up a contentious general election where she must face the Orange Man Donald Trump over competing visions for the country. 

Clinton remained out of sight (as is traditional, unlike someone who can't seem to let five minutes go without shoving his face in front of America) while the roll call vote was cast, where once-opponent Bernie Sanders was the last to speak, becoming the one to make the motion that Clinton be nominated ba acclamation. While some Sanders supporters pouted and staged a sit-in at the DNC's media tent (a savvy move to get attention, sure, but not inherently effective), the rest of the party was getting on board to fight for what they believe to be the future of the country. 

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The entire night was built off of showing the country the work that Hillary Clinton has put into this country. As the Mothers of the Movement (comprising mothers of slain young black men and women) spoke, with the mother of Sandra Bland taking center stage, the contrast with Donald Trump's convention could not be clearer. While last week, a smug billionaire told us to fear everything and everyone while taking every opportunity imaginable to mug for the cameras, mothers who've lost their children, what Hamilton called "the unimaginable," stood up and spoke for this country. 

The night before Michelle Obama said "don't let anyone ever tell you that this country isn't great, that somehow we need to make it great again," and that greatness was shown in the tearstained pages of speeches given by grieving mothers. To say nothing of former president Bill Clinton, who somehow managed to pull off the impossible task of reframing his entire career as a supporting player in Hillary Clinton's life. Of course, only Bill could sell it. 

The truth is that the anger-filled RNC has been brought in greater relief to the unity-themed DNC. People protesting against Sanders not getting his fair due are starting to run out of steam, realizing that this is a train leaving the station in pursuit of electing the first woman President of the United States, and in doing so, fighting against a blustery strongman who is, quite simply, fascist white supremacy personified. 

The DNC also brought out better celebrities:



The reality is that the shock of the Orange Man's rise is going to have to wear off now, because he's here and he's now got effectively a 50/50 shot at leading the free world, which, with his complete lack of respect for the institutions that keep us free, may not be as free  when he leaves. Particularly after this press conference today, where Trump literally suggested that Russia should cyberattack us, specifically Hillary Clinton, and also withdrew American support for Crimea as Russia seeks to take over more of its former Soviet bloc. 

What happens next is entirely up to us, but after November, there won't be anymore opportunities to slow down his particular brand of authoritarianism. So go ahead with your Sanders protest vote. You lived through the Bush years and somehow forgot that it was because of how the 2000 election went down that we ended up in this mess. We should be so lucky that we vote for the candidate who most closely resembles our views, but first, we have to stop someone who's literally endorsed by a former Grand Wizard of the KKK. That takes priority. 

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