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Instagram-Worthy Halloween Costumes, Minimal Effort

Instagram-Worthy Halloween Costumes, Minimal Effort October 1, 2019Leave a comment

    Halloween season is the season for spooks, mystery, and fun. It’s no time to stress out about what you’re going to dress-up as for all of those Halloween events you have planned. For those of you who haven’t spent the last 11-months figuring out and preparing your costume for this year, this list should give you a few ideas— Happy Halloween!

    Mia Wallace in ‘Pulp Fiction’

    Instagram: giulianamafra

    Unless you’ve done this costume before, there’s little reason not to. You can be stressed for time and still get this look to a T. All you need is a white oversized button-up, a black bob, and black pants. The cigarette is fun, but completely optional. Pulp Fiction fans will know who you are either way. So, dance good on Halloween.