Just An Every Day Occurrence In Australia: A Kangaroo Demolishes A Cyclist

Joe Welkie
kangaroo completely demolishes cyclist
(Photo: Huffington Post)

You know how we think about kangaroos as being boxers? We all have that image in our minds of a kangaroo with boxing gloves on. We must have gotten that image from cartoons when we were kids, but in all actuality, kangaroos can be pretty violent animals. Case in point, this cyclist just got demolished by a kangaroo while riding down a path in Australia. It looks pretty brutal, and the lady definitely ate some pavement after the attack.

That’s about as vicious as it gets when it comes to kangaroos. You can tell this little dude was not messing around with this cyclist though. She was just on a peaceful ride, getting some cardio in with her buddies…

this cyclist just got demolished by a kangaroo

When all of a sudden, a wild kangaroo appeared and hopped on this woman’s face and took him down with ease. Doesn’t get much more insane than that. She got destroyed.

this cyclist just got demolished by a kangaroo

Guess that’s what you get from riding your bike in this kangaroo’s territory. I’m sure that cyclist won’t be riding down that path again. Time to explore new options, otherwise this guy is gonna come and get ya.

this cyclist just got demolished by a kangaroo

One of the cyclists on the ride gave his account of what happened, “After we crested a hill, about 30 kilometers (18 miles) into the ride, we slowed for others to catch up,” one of the cyclists told news.com.au. “Two of us also saw kangaroos on both sides of the road. The ones on the left hopped away, the one on the right waited to join its mob.”

this cyclist just got demolished by a kangaroo

Luckily, the injuries sustained weren’t very serious and everyone was able to have a good laugh about the incident. But let this be a warning to all of us, don’t mess with kangaroos.


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