This Video Of An ’80s Kid Getting A Nintendo Is Going To Give You All The Nostalgia Feels

Joe Welkie
kid getting a nintendo
(Photo: kid getting a nintendo)

Every time you go home for Christmas, you probably get to look at old photos of yourself and your family celebrating Christmases that have come and gone. It’s a nice trip down memory lane, and can get you feeling nostalgic. But nothing will get you feeling nostalgic like this kid getting a Nintendo as a present and absolutely losing his mind.

Kids today won’t understand what a monumental present the Nintendo was. Every kid these days has an iPad and an iPhone, but getting this old-school gaming system was certainly a good reason to freak out. There weren’t games all over the place, so this reaction was warranted.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy this little kid losing his shit over a Nintendo.

Those were the days, folks. This kid probably has bills and crippling debt to worry about, but on this specific Dec. 25, he was the happiest kid in the entire world. Not a care in the world except trying to decide which game he would play first.

His brother couldn’t care less about the Nintendo though. That much is plain to see. You can even hear him saying “I don’t want to play it.” Good on you, kid.