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Landmarks That Have Been Destroyed By Tourists

Landmarks That Have Been Destroyed By Tourists September 3, 2019

    Tourists love landmarks. But they often destroy them by accident. Because tourists are, after all, people. And people are bumbling idiots. Check out all these landmarks that have been destroyed (or at least horrifically damaged) by tourists…

    Duckbill (Cape Kiwanda State Natural Area, Pacific City, Oregon)

    Wikimedia / State of Oregon, Oregon Parks and Recreation Department

    Some A-hole tourists purposefully knocked over Duckbill, an iconic sandstone “hoodoo” rock formation in Oregon. What they didn’t realize is they were being filmed. According to the person who filmed them, the vandals claimed the iconic rock was a safety hazard, but the onlooker said they laughed the whole time as they destroyed it. They were never caught.