You Can Now Pay Las Vegas Strippers With Bitcoin, And Here’s How


Cryptocurrency is on the rise. The newest financial scheme seems to be gaining steam, and it is no longer a joke. People need to start taking this new form of payment seriously. And it just took another huge leap forward into legitimacy. How? Las Vegas strippers are now able to accept bitcoin as payment for their services.

Stripping is one of the more lucrative occupations on the Las Vegas…strip, and the ability to accept bitcoin just means more money for the working girls, and a big step forward for bitcoin. The first strip club to implement this plan is The Legends Room, and they’ve been open to the idea since their opening in May 2017.

Visitors can use the cryptocurrency ATM in the club in order to pay their strippers. Some of the dancers even have QR codes as wallet addresses that can be scanned via smartphones.

This can help the dancers at these clubs avoid banks, who seem to discriminate against women who choose this profession.

“I’m not going to name names, but there are certain banks that… will shut down your account and actually deny you from having an account because we work in the adult entertainment industry,” said Summer Chase, a dancer. Giving them the ability to accept bitcoin payment is a way around that.

But how often will people actually use this this form of payment? “Oh, quite often,” Brenna Sparks explained, “Like the people that come here, they are like really into crypto. I feel like it’s very smart. They are really into that.”

Just another reason to invest in cryptocurrency and head to Sin City!