LEGO Admits What Parents Have Been Saying For Years: They’ve Made Too Many Bricks


Parents are quite familiar with the pain of having LEGOs in the house. They can cause all kinds of trauma to the feet, and losing an essential brick could be ruinous to a kid’s building plans. Though they seem to be around more than ever, the LEGO Group has hit a snag in their profits. The reason: LEGO has made too many bricks.

A spokeswoman for LEGO came out and tried to give an explanation for the company’s first dip in profits in nearly 13 years. Apparently, LEGO has been simply making too many toys too fast for the consumers to buy them, which led them to charge less for older models.

“There wasn’t enough room to get 2017 toys into the stores, and the toy trade is driven by newness,” she explained.

This drop in profits is quite strange considering the success of the latest LEGO movies and video games. LEGO is more popular than ever in those mediums, but the product just hasn’t seen it translate into the more tangible toy market.

“During the year, revenues declined, however consumer sales — or sales in stores — remained flat. This shows that consumers (kids and their parents) are continuing to buy from retailers,” said the LEGO spokeswoman.

Surely one of the reasons for declining sales is the incredible pain that goes along with stepping on those bricks.

Never pleasant to have a LEGO beneath your foot.