A Shark Literally Dragged This Fisherman Into The Water And Took Him For A Ride


We all know Australia as the land of exotic and deadly animals. Here’s yet another story that further cements Australia as the wildest place in the world. Recently, a man caught a shark on his fishing line and it dragged him into the water.

How often is it that you catch a shark while you’re fishing? And the shark is so powerful that it pulls you into the water with it? Good googly moogly.

Off the coast of Balnarring in Victoria this weekend, Brett Palmer had a big old shark on his line. The 34-year-old struggled to keep his balance on his kayak and maintain his composure, but ultimately the shark got the better of him.

Luckily for Palmer, his friends were fishing nearby and saw the whole ordeal. They were quick to rescue Palmer before he became shark food

Even more insane, Palmer and his friends continued fishing after they dragged him out of the water to save his life. Palmer pulled his kayak back to shore, and went back out on his friend’s boat.

That’s where things get even nuttier…

By the time the crew came back to shore, Palmer’s boat had gone missing. He didn’t tie it down properly, and it floated out to sea. He didn’t report the boat missing, so when Water Police found the empty boat floating in the middle of the water, they feared for the worst.

A frantic search was enacted, but it was all for naught. Palmer had just forgot to report his boat as missing, and it was all just a huge misunderstanding.

What a zany day for Brett Palmer though.