This Dude Claims To Be A Time Traveler From The Year 2030, And A Lie Detector Test Says He’s For Real


We all want to believe in time travel. If only we could go back and time and correct certain mistakes we’ve made. Like forgiving people we exiled from our lives. Or choosing a different major in college. Or not breaking up with a girlfriend. There are many reasons to want to go back in time, but hardly any of the reasons are noble. Well, this man claims he is a time traveler from the year 2030, and he has some very specific predictions that may make us perk our ears up. Better yet, he took a lie detector test to see if he was making all this stuff up, and he passed it with flying colors.

The man, who refused to identify himself by anything except the name “Noah,” made wild claims about the future. He wanted his face and voice distorted for fear of being assassinated. And with good reason! Who wouldn’t want to get a hold of this time traveling phenom?

Among Noah’s claims are that Donald Trump will win a second term as President, and after his term is over, a person named Ilana Remikee will become the President of the United States. He also says humans will reach Mars in 2028, we will discover time travel, and robots will take over the world.

So is he here to warn us? Or is this all a bunch of hokum?

Well, according to the lie detector test he took, he’s telling the truth. It’s hard to believe considering he claims to be a 50-year-old man who took an age-reversing drug to make him 25 again. Plus, over the course of the video, he brandishes this shirt.

Well, if you have a shirt that says you’re a time traveler, it must be true. More puzzling, Noah claims that the government has known about time travel since 2003. But they revealed their methods to the public in 2028, you see. 

Good news, though. Self-driving cars, artificial intelligence, and wearable technology like Google Glass will drastically improve our way of life in the future.

Whew, at least we have that to look forward to.