This Guy Developed A Disgusting Lip Fungus After Popping A Pimple Using A Dirty Blade

Joe Welkie
man developed a gross lip fungus
(Photo: man developed a gross lip fungus)

Let this be a lesson for all you people dealing with acne. It’s not a good idea to pop your pimples. Need proof? How about this: A man developed a gross lip fungus after he popped a pimple with a woodworking blade. So now he’s dealing with an incredibly rare skin infection that makes it look like he has a third lip. 

WARNING: This is gonna get gross.

The 23-year-old was picking away at what he claimed to be a pimple (but it could have been anything, like a canker sore or cold sore), and after seven months, he was left with a horrifying lesion on his face.

a man popped a pimple with a woodworking blade

The lesion was so gross that medical professionals published a study on it. As you can see, the lesion spans his entire mouth and doctors described it as “a blood-crusted, warty plaque with a hardened border.” Definitely won’t be picking up any ladies with that thing around your mouth.

After careful study, the doctors determined that the man had acquired a rare skin disease, Blastomyces conidia, a fungi that tends to live in soil and wet, decaying wood in areas around waterways. The infection is known as blastomycosis, but an infection on the outer skin is insanely rare. 

Apparently, there are only around 50 cases of this skin infection recorded in medical history. Good thing it’s treatable, otherwise it would be a horrifying way to go about your life. After about two weeks of medicine, the man was all cleared up and back to wood working