Man Finds His Car He Reported As Stolen 20 Years Ago… And It Was Never Stolen

Joe Welkie
man finds his car he reported as stolen 20 years ago
(Photo: man finds his car he reported as stolen 20 years ago)

If you ever thought you’d never find your parked car again, strap in for your worst nightmare. This man finds his car he reported as stolen 20 years ago, but in reality, he just forgot where he parked it. For 20 FREAKIN’ YEARS!

We’ve all made the mistake of losing our car in the mall parking lot, but we now have “panic” buttons that help us find our cars via obnoxious honking. But for one elderly man in Frankfurt, Germany, that option was not available. In 1997, he misplaced his parked car and called the police to report it as stolen. 

When a demolition survey found the car in an old parking garage they were about to destroy, they reached out to the man. They couldn’t destroy the building until the car was removed, so they rummaged around the vehicle to find out who the owner was. They reached out to the police and found out about the case, and finally the 76-year-old man was reunited with his precious car.

Since the car was so old and dilapidated, it couldn’t be driven out of the garage immediately, but finally the man can rest his mind knowing that it wasn’t stolen. He was just incredibly forgetful.