This Dude Has Survived 3 Separate Deadly Snake Attacks. So Guess What Country He’s From.


When you’re in Australia, you just know some crazy animal stuff is going to happen. Because that continent is home to some of the world’s most exotic and deadly creatures. And if you think wild animals never strike twice, you’re very wrong. Case in point: Recently, this Australian man survived his third deadly brown snake attack of his life. And he’s only 34 years old.

This is Mark Lalor, in the hospital after a poisonous and deadly brown snake bit him. Lalor was just enjoying a typical Australian pastime: riding his motorbike through a property in Clermont, Queensland. But little did he know, danger was about to strike after he accidentally ran over the venomous snake with his bike.

“I was coming around to get around a mob of bullocks and I ran over the back of the snake and it jumped up and hit me in the leg through my jeans,” Lalor said, “He was a fair lump of a snake too, about 7-foot.”

But this isn’t the first time a brown snake attacked Lalor. In fact, two other snakes have bitten him in two separate incidents in his life.

In 2005, a brown snake bit Lalor, and the venom was so bad that he began bleeding from his eyes, ears and gums. He was working a landscaping gig when he lifted a piece of debris, riling the snake up. 

Then in 2011, another brown snake bit Lalor while he worked on a golf course. And they had to airlift him to a local hospital where his condition was “touch and go.” 

Lalor doesn’t blame his latest attacker though.

“I think if someone ran over my toe, I’d try to punch ’em,” Lalor said. “I can’t blame him for biting me.”

That’s one tough Australian dude. I wouldn’t mess with him.