A Suspected Drug Mule Has Been In Jail And Refusing To Poop For More Than A MONTH


Drug smuggling is a very risky endeavor. There are tons of complications involved. You could get caught, you could have the drugs explode within your body if you’ve swallowed them, and it could ultimately get you locked up for a long time. This guy might have it worse than anyone though. After getting caught under suspicion of working as a mule, a man suspected of drug smuggling has refused to poop for over a month, and the police aren’t backing down on waiting for him to do the deed.

Lamarr Chambers, the 24-year-old, has been keeping his poop strike going strong for 34 days as of this writing. He was detained on January 17, 2018 and hasn’t gone for a poo since. Who knows if he even pooped that day?! The streak could be even longer than we realize.

Prosecutor Kathy Wilson said that Chambers may have gone number 2 while he was in a hospital, but since no fecal matter was collected, the case still remains unsolved. In her statement, Wilson said, “He did wipe his bottom and there was a stain on the toilet paper,’ she said. ‘Had any amount of fecal matter been passed, we would not be in this position today.”

Chamers’ toilet strike broke the record for the prison system’s longest time without taking a dump when he reached day 24. But now he’s gotten all the way to 34 days, and there’s no real timetable for him taking a crap any time soon. We do know that it can’t be healthy to hold in a crap for that long at all.

It didn’t matter what Chambers was eating either. His diet has been switched up to foods that would presumably make him more regular, like fruits and veggies, but no such luck.

So how long do you think he’ll last? The police stopped giving daily updates after day 24, and now they are just waiting for the deed to be done.