Man Finds “Unexploded Bomb” From World War II In His Yard — Turns Out To Be Something Much Different

Joe Welkie
man thought a zucchini was a bomb
(Photo: man thought a zucchini was a bomb)

Things got intense in the German town of Bretten when a man thought a he’d found a bomb from World War II. While rummaging around in his yard, the 81-year-old homeowner looked down to see something that looked eerily familiar to a bomb that was commonly found on the battlefield.

Naturally, the elderly man called the police to investigate, in what was probably the highlight of the day for the cops. When they arrived on the scene, they cautiously approached the “bomb” only to erupt with laughter when they realized what it actually was.

man thought a zucchini was a bomb

It was a harmless zucchini. The cops had such a laugh about the situation, they posted about it on their Facebook page.

The zucchini apparently really did look like a World War II-era bomb, according to the police, but luckily it was just a vegetable. The authorities believe the veggie must have been tossed over the homeowner’s fence, and it gave him quite a scare. Hopefully he can find a use for it and make some delicious food with it. Otherwise, this will just be a waste of a giant zucchini.

Let that be a lesson to all of you young pranksters: Don’t go throwing vegetables around your neighborhood. Apparently, they can be mistaken for bombs, and the police will get involved. That’s never a good thing. Keep your vegetables to yourself, please.

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