A Man’s Rectum Literally Fell Out Because He Was Playing Games On His Phone Too Much


Playing mobile games scan be incredibly addictive. They’re designed that way. They want us to keep playing and playing and playing until our eyes melt out of our faces. Well, a different part of your body may fall out if you are playing games too long in the wrong place. Recently, a man’s rectum fell out because he played mobile games for too long while sitting on the toilet.

The young man, whose identity obviously remains anonymous, sat playing games on his phone for more than a half hour while dropping a deuce. After a while, he noticed that part of his rectum was sticking out of his anus. Yikes. He immediately went to the hospital.

Once the hospital admitted the young man, doctors found a 16-centimeter lump sticking out of his anus. It was time for the doctors to do something about this gamer’s butthole.

The poor guy underwent gastro-intestinal surgery in order to correct this problem. The condition’s technical term is “prolapsed anus,” and doctors indicated this patient’s case to be more severe than usual.

“The patient had rectal prolapse since he was 4 years old,” a doctor who treated the man said. “The bulge was able to retract. But he did not treat the condition and the situation has got worse.”

I don’t know about you, but I surely will be taking quicker poops now that I’ve seen this story. I do not want my rectum falling out of my butt. Seems like a real buzzkill.