Medieval Times Just Did Something They’ve Never Done Before: Crowned A Queen


If you’ve ever been to a Medieval Times restaurant, you know what you can expect. Swordplay, knights, horses, and it is all hosted by a king, who introduces us to the world of Medieval Times. Well, in some Medieval Times, the role of the king ceases to exist. That’s because Medieval Times just crowned its first queen to host the shows.

Never before has there been a female lead at a Medieval Times, oh the times, they are a-changin’. The first woman cast to play the role of Queen Maria Isabella is Allyssa O’Donnell, who will take the throne at Medieval Times in the Schaumburg suburb of Chicago.

“She is the sole ruler of the realm,” O’Donnell said, “She is not beholden to anyone and she rules the way she sees fit. She tries to rule with fairness and honestly and justice, but she is in charge, which is very exciting.”

O’Donnell had previously played the role of a princess at the dinner theater production, so this is quite the promotion. And she’s receiving an outpouring of support for her role as well. “I had a grandmother come up to me the other day saying, ‘It’s so wonderful seeing a strong woman up there on the throne and having to share this with my grandchildren.'”

The female-led script took months to pull off, but now that it’s finally here, people are celebrating it as an excellent reimagining of the stories that can be told at the dinner theater. Could female knights be in the future?