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Mom Is Not Allowed To Visit Son After Surgery, Nurse Decides To Help

Mom Is Not Allowed To Visit Son After Surgery, Nurse Decides To Help July 8, 2019Leave a comment

It’s heartbreaking to learn your child is sick, but we have to be strong and do our best to help them go through the tough moments. When a little boy named Slade started feeling ill, his mother Layla Thompson rushed him to the hospital. The doctors quickly found out that he needed to have surgery as soon as possible.

A Rough Life for a Kindergartener

You’d think Slade was just a kindergartener with no worries, but that year was quite rough on him. His mother explained in an interview with the media that her boy had been through a lot in the past months. And his visits to hospitals piled up...

Visiting Hospitals

Since Slade turned two years old, his parents learned that he couldn’t walk properly. He only used his toes, so when they saw that the toddler couldn’t put his heel on the floor, they panicked. Something wasn't right...

Surgical Intervention

Four months before rushing to the hospital with a fever, Slade was getting a surgical intervention on the tendons of his legs. His Achilles tendons were very tight and had to be lengthened. Then one night, he got sick…

Rushed to The Hospital

The little kid was not feeling well and his mother took him to the hospital, as his temperature kept on rising. After the doctors took a quick look at Slade, they knew that he had to be rushed to surgery. You can imagine that Slade was not too happy about it. And neither was his mom when she found out this...

UPMC Susquehanna Verse

Slade was taken to the UPMC hospital in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Layla was very concerned about her son, but he was in good hands. She learned her son had to have his tonsils removed, so she had to wait for him after the surgery. The nervous mother thought she’d be by his side when he wakes up, but doctors told her that wasn't possible.

Waiting for Slade to Wake Up

As Slade was taken to the surgery, his mother waited patiently in the hallway. She knew that Slade was going to be scared when he wakes up and she wanted to give him a big hug, and tell him everything will be all right. But there was one issue - when her son woke up, he only saw the nurse that was assigned to make sure he is stable…

She Couldn't See Him

The mom knew that if she is by Slade’s side when he wakes up, then he would feel better. However, Layla had no idea that this wasn’t possible. She would soon find out on her own, when the doctor got out of Slade’s room…

No Visitors Allowed

Sadly for Slade’s mom, the doctors told her that she was not allowed inside the surgery room. The boy was being moved to his room and was still sleeping. She had to wait a little longer before she could enter. As you can imagine, she was devastated.

Asking A Nurse For Help Hage

Like any other little boy, seeing his mother close to him would bring him comfort. Not having any other options, the kid’s mother asked one of the nurses for help. Here’s where nurse Annie Hager steps in!

Was He Stable? Thompson

Layla asked the nurses to tell her boy she’ll come as soon as possible and not to worry. Nurse Annie Hager was already in his room, checking if he was stable and talking to him.

“A few weeks ago Mr. Slade came out of surgery to the recovery room and was my first patient of the day. Let me tell ya, this little man was by far the bravest 5yr old I have ever met!” - wrote the nurse on her Instagram account.

A Big Favor

“Most kids scream their way out of anesthesia […] but Slade, although crying at times, was calm and sweet, but obviously scared and in some pain. All he wanted was his mommy who wasn’t immediately available,” wrote Hager. Then, he looked at the kind nurse and asked her a favor she couldn’t possibly refuse!

A Big Hug!

Annie’s eyes were filled with tears and she knew she had to comfort the little boy, although it wasn’t in her job description!

“He asked me if I would snuggle him and take care of him. I jumped right in that bed and snuggled up that little guy so fast! His small sweet request made my heart so full!!!”

Layla Opened the Door UPMC/Susquehanna

When Layla opened the door, she saw the nurse cuddling her boy and with tears of happiness in her eyes, she took out her phone and immortalized this moment.

‘I knew right away that she had to be a mom,’ Thompson said, and the nurse has two children of her own. This sweet story continues weeks later, when Slade comes to visit Annie!

The Viral Picture

The nurse gave the kid a big hug when he woke up and the picture went viral as soon as it was posted on social media. Proud of this moment, the hospital’s social media page responded with a praise:

“As a nurse, providing care is one thing, but making sure our patients are calm and comfortable matters just as much. It’s nurses like Annie – who show true compassion – that keep our patients happy.”

Making Headlines

The previous image is so powerful that Annie Hager, the nurse who hugged Slade, starting to get calls from news outlets. Their photo showed up in the news! People were amazed to see how dedicated this woman is to help her patients feel better.

Annie Hager

To thank everyone for all the sweet responses online and in person, Annie made sure to post the photos on her Instagram account along with her story:

“His momma took this picture of us the day of surgery, and surprised me at work with these beautiful flowers and another BIG hug from my bestest little friend today! Layla Thompson I thank God everyday for people like you and your precious little man!”

A Lucky Mom

Layla explained that she’s lucky to have had Annie work that day: “You want somebody to treat your child the way that you would treat them, and so [when] I turned the corner and I saw them, I looked at my fiancé and said ‘awwwww,’ and we both started getting a little teary-eyed.”

In fact, the strange thing was that the nurse was actually on her day off, but she was called to the hospital because they were short staffed that day!

She Loves Her Job Hager

Now Layla and Annie are friends and even plan on going on holiday together with their kids! When recalling the big hug she gave to Slade, Annie said on social media that this is why she loves her job:

“I feel so blessed to have met you all that day and truly feel I've made some wonderful friends through it. This right here is why I LOVE my job. It is why I go to work everyday. Its moments like this that make it all worth it”

Her Own Kids

One of the reasons why Annie Hager didn't hesitate to rush inside the surgery room and to give Slade a hug is because she has a kid of her own who is close in age to Slade, and an older daughter.

Pretty Flowers

Slade is indeed a sweet kid. He and his mother visited Annie and gave her some flowers while she was working. We can be sure that the nurse is loving her job more than ever now!

Amazing Moment

When Slade showed up with the flowers during Annie’s shift, she wasn’t prepared for it and began crying. Her king act will never be forgotten, and now Slade is her friend for life.

Great Nurse

Annie is a great nurse and there is no doubt about that. She doesn’t just take care of patients, she makes sure that they feel safe and happy as well. She is also a humble person, adding that “anyone that works up there would have done the same thing.”

Doing Her Job Verse

Not all people would rush inside a surgery room to hug another's woman kid and give him comfort in his time of need and this makes Annie Hager special. Don't you agree?

Hard Work Verse

If there is something that we can take from this story, then it has to be the fact that being a nurse is a difficult job and you need to be compassionate in order to get the job done.

Happy Ending

We are glad to let everyone know that our story has a happy ending. Slade and his mother are back together and Annie Hager has set an example for all her colleagues.