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Moments Before Saying Their Vows, Young Bride Realizes This About The Groom

Moments Before Saying Their Vows, Young Bride Realizes This About The Groom July 1, 2019Leave a comment

A picture of a young couple moments away from being married to each recently other went viral on the internet and everyone who saw it got teared up. The picture shows a powerful emotional moment between the young couple which revealed how much they love each other and that they will always keep God in their lives.

20. Caleb and Maggie

Caleb and Maggie love each other very much and even though they are still young, they know that they are each other's soulmates and they decided to get married. However, this is not where their story starts.

19. High School Sweethearts

This amazing story begins a couple of years ago when the young couple was still in high school. Caleb fell in love with Meggie right in the moment that he set his eyes on her and he knew that his life would never be complete if he didn't have Maggie by his side.

18. Big Dreams

One of the things that brought together the young couple was their big ambitions. They both wanted to have a bright future and instead of spending their time fooling around, they worked hard to study and to achieve their goals.

17. Caleb Becomes a Marine

Caleb always dreamed of becoming a US marine and he never allowed anything to get in his way of achieving his dream. He always ran the extra mile and put in the work to become the best version of himself that he could ever be. He wanted to make Maggie proud of him!

16. High School is Over

As soon as high school was over, Caleb popped the big question and asked Maggie to marry him. She instantly said yes and they started making preparations for their big day.

15. The Big Day

The young couple gave up all their free time in order to make arrangements for their big day. They wanted everything to be perfect and they wouldn't leave anything to chance.

14. Meant for Each Other

What we didn't mention about Caleb and Maggie is that they have something really important in common. You see, they both love God and they make sure to include religion in every aspect of their life. This is why they are perfect for each other.

13. Love for God

Since both Caleb and Maggie are religious people, you can imagine that they wanted nothing more than for their religious sermon to be perfect. This is why Caleb planned a big surprise for his soon to be wife.

12. Secret Plan

Caleb had a secret plan to make his wedding day even more special and luckily, the photographer was there to capture this moment and it went viral on the internet!

11. Saying a Prayer

Even though Caleb couldn't see his soon to be wife wearing her dress yet according to tradition, he still wanted to share an important moment with her before the wedding started. This is why the next picture made headlines all across the US.

10. The Viral Picture

This is the picture that went viral! Caleb came closer to Maggie and they both held hands while saying a prayer and thanking God for bringing them together and for keeping them safe. The amazing thing is that Caleb stayed true to tradition and closed his eyes so that he couldn't see Maggie yet.

9. Emotional Moment

Maggie started crying when she felt her husband's love for God. She knew in that moment that she made the right choice by picking Caleb to be her husband.

8. The First Steps

Caleb said that the reason why he decided to hold his soon to be wife's hand and say a prayer is because he wanted to make the first steps in his marriage with God by his side. Isn't that amazing?

7. Making Headlines

The powerful image of Caleb praying next to Maggie got so popular that all major news stations started talking about the young couple and about their love for God.

6. Soul Mates

Caleb and Maggie are going to live a happy life and there is no doubt about that. They are perfect for each other and their love for God is only going to make their marriage even stronger.

5. Always Safe

Maggie says that she is praying every night for God to keep her husband safe. His job isn't easy at all, and Caleb needs all the help that he can get in order to come back home safe.

4. Happy Family

A couple of years have passed since their big wedding day and the young couple had some amazing news to share. Maggie is pregnant!

3. Baby Girl

Now that they got married, the next step in their life was to make a baby and Maggie got pregnant with a baby girl. Check out the next picture to see Maggie and her daughter.

2. Big Smile

As we can clearly see, Maggie and her daughter are super happy! Let's hope that Caleb doesn't have to spend too much time deployed and he can come back to his young daughter and beautiful wife.

1. One Big Family

We are glad to let everyone know that our story has a happy ending. Maggie and Caleb are going to live a happy life together and their family is only to get bigger.