The Internet Can’t Get Enough Of This Hilarious Bad Review Of A Giant Beach Ball


(Photo: Bored Panda)

There is just something funny about a person’s misery sometimes. Obviously not all the time, because if that were true, we’d all be psychopaths devoid of empathy. But when it’s something silly, engaging in a bit of schadenfreude never hurt anyone. For instance, this person’s negative review of a giant beach ball is going viral because it’s absolutely hilarious.

When you think of giant beach balls, you wouldn’t think of such misery, right? Well this person’s review would argue differently. It’s part of the reason why this item’s rating on Amazon has plummeted.

Here’s the main complaints about the product. You can tell there is a ton of frustration in this review.

Obviously, some of this should be considered a joke and is intended to be humorous, but I could totally see it being a bit of a burden to handle. I mean, it’s supposed to be 12 feet around! That’s hard to manage for anyone.

The reviewers who saw this take on the giant beach ball had a bit of fun with their reviews after they saw this reaction. Reviews like, “It did provide 10 minutes of fun.. and a memory to last a lifetime.” and “Despite the harrowing tale it was still given two stars…”