The New Apple Headquarters Has A Problem: Its Employees Can’t Stop Walking Into Glass Walls


It may seem like a dream job and the perfect place to work if you are an innovative type, but there are problems with working for Apple. Their factories have been deemed inhumane, so much so that employees are trying to commit suicide by jumping out of the building. They’ve had several backlashes due to their technological strategies, and the intentional slowing down of older devices. Additionally, the new Apple Park’s employees keep running into the glass panes that the building is made up of.

The company’s new $5 billion headquarters is causing a ton of problems for its employees. Much of the building is made of glass. This includes the exterior, doors, and walls. As you can expect, if those glass panes are kept in a pristine condition, people are going to end up smashing their faces into it.


At least two people have been injured seriously enough that emergency services needed to intervene. Funnily enough, this could be against the law. California law dictates “employees shall be protected against the hazard of walking through glass by barriers or by conspicuous durable markings.”

So far Apple has dodged fines and citations, but if this keeps happening, it could be a legitimate problem for the company.

This is all even more amazing considering the new HQ has only been open since April 2017. This problem has become so ubiquitous that Apple may need to take measures to protect their employees.

Outside of these two significant injuries, Apple has been tight-lipped about how severe the problem has been. Surely, if it keeps happening they will be forced to make changes to the design of the campus. Hopefully it doesn’t need to come to that and people can maintain a safe and happy work environment.

Otherwise, Apple could have a ton of lawsuits on their hands, and we all know that could cripple even the biggest companies.