New on the Firework App: Firework Originals

New on the Firework App: Firework Originals January 2, 2019

Firework is a discovery platform connecting talented creators, celebrities, influencers, passionate fans and engaged audiences through interactive videos. Every day, millions of people open the Firework app to create and engage with amazing, short-form, 15-second videos. Firework has partnered with Ryan Lagod Productions, Space Oddity Films, and director Gabe Michael (Production M) to launch the new Firework Originals, the shortest TV series ever created. Launching on the Firework app, Firework Originals is a collection of ultra-short shows running only 15 seconds per episode. With a grab bag of genres including comedy, food, beauty and sci-fi, Firework Originals will have a little something for everyone to enjoy. Each series is designed to keep up with the frequency of short-form life. It's your fastest and easiest binge session. Each Firework Originals series is available in full, giving viewers five binge-worthy shows to watch while in line for a latte or riding in an Uber. The shows include:
  • Fireside Chat, featuring Molly Tarlov with special guests Cierra Ramirez and Leon Thomas.
  • Extra Fire Sauce, a hilarious drive-thru experience.
  • Banger, a sci-fi New Year's Eve party that takes a turn for the worse.
  • FOODz, an interactive food challenge with a vintage '90s twist.
  • Style Sector, an interactive makeup, hair and fashion challenge played alongside an audience of self-proclaimed beauty industry pros.
Each Firework Originals series is available now. And you can watch them all by downloading the Firework app on Google Play or Apple's App Store.