A New Sex Toy Does Something Special For You Once You’re Finished Using It


If you thought sex toys had reached their pinnacle, you are horribly mistaken. Sure, sex dolls are looking more and more realistic (to a creepy extent), and other innovations that I totally know nothing about are popping up everywhere. But there has been something missing for a long time. Something that could cure just about all of our needs all in one product. Well, a new sex toy will order a pizza after you’re finished using it.

RubGrub, a new product from a company called CamSoda, will order a meal for you with the click of a button on the vibrator. While CamSoda has specialized mainly in adult content in the form of webcam shows, this new sex toy will probably fly off the shelves.

The sex toy works similarly to an Amazon Dash Button, in that once you click the button, it will automatically order whatever meal you have set up through their app. All you need to do is program your payment method, delivery and order information, and the RubGrub connects to your local pizza place through its application programming interface (API).

At first, the RubGrub will only be connected to local Dominos Pizza chains, but CamSoda’s Vice President Daryn Parker is hopeful other national chains will hop on board for their combination of satisfying sexual appetites as well as regular appetites.

So pizza delivery drivers, if you have a repeat customer, you might just be in the house of someone who just had a splendid time with their new sex toy. What’s even better, Parker said the product will only go for around $20!