These New Zealanders Built An Island For Themselves So They Can Drink Without Being Bothered

Joe Welkie
New Zealanders built their own island
(Photo: New Zealanders built their own island)

If you thought the drinking laws in your town, city, or country were strict, you’ll need to see the lengths that these people went to in order to get their drink on. A gang of New Zealanders built their own island in order to avoid the county’s ban on drinking in public.

New Zealanders built their own island

The tiny little island, made almost entirely of sand, was erected in the Tairua estuary on the Coromandel peninsula so people could swim, boat, or paddle over and have a few drinks in public for the New Year. They had a picnic table put on the island and had drinks under the premise that they were in “international waters” and were no longer forced to abide by the laws of the country. 

The reason for this structure is because New Zealand has strict anti-drinking in public laws that could lead to a hefty fine. Some cases the fine can get up to $250 ($180 American). If the drinking is too severe, it can lead to jail time as well.

New Zealanders Built Their Own Island

Local police officer John Kelly said, “That’s creative thinking – if I had known [about it] I probably would have joined them.” At this time, it doesn’t look like any charges or fines were brought against the drinkers, so their plan may have worked!

The locals and countrymen are shocked by the genius tactic to avoid the laws. 

New Zealanders Built Their Own Island

Hey, whatever you need to do in order to make your country proud!

New Zealanders Built Their Own Island

Locals also claim the ban isn’t even really working. It’s just leading to many unnecessary arrests. So maybe we’ll see more of these tiny islands erected in the future.

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