A Newly Discovered Dinosaur Looks More Like A Duck Than Anything In Jurassic Park


Every year it seems like archaeologists are making new discoveries about dinosaurs and the world they lived in. Recently, they have made a new discovery that will shock the world with how ridiculous it seems, especially compared to what we already know about dinosaurs. Meet Halszkaraptor escuilliei,a newly discovered dinosaur that looks like a duck.

This little fella apparently had teeth like a croc’s, a swanlike neck, killer claws, and even penguin-like flippers. According to scientists, it’s one of the only known dinosaurs that was two-legged, could swim, and ate meat. It also looks like something only a fourth-grader could dream up. But no, it is not a dream. A complete skeleton of the animal was found in sandstone rock, so that confirms its existence.

The dino was said to be only around 18-inches tall and inhabited what is now known as Mongolia around 75 million years ago.

Dennis Voeten, a paleontology researcher at Palacky University in the Czech Republic, said, “It’s such a peculiar animal. It combines different parts we knew from other groups into this one small animal.”

Initially, researchers were suspicious of the skeleton’s authenticity, but they later confirmed that what they were seeing was real. Lead researcher Andrea Cau said, “Assuming it was a fake instead of starting assuming that the fossil is genuine was the most appropriate way to start the investigation of such a bizarre fossil.”

By using a machine called a Synchrotron, they were able to create 3D images of the animal and confirm that it wasn’t a hoax, but a real, once-living dinosaur. I’m just not sure it’ll be popping up in the Jurassic Park franchise any time soon.