Why Did These People Wear Adult Diapers In Times Square On New Year’s Eve?


Every New Year’s Eve, thousands and thousands of people flock from all around the world in order to spend time celebrating the passing of time in New York City. But what you may not know about the occasion is people wear adult diapers in Times Square on New Year’s Eve. Let that sink in to your consciousness for a little bit. People will wear diapers in Times Square on New Year’s Eve so they don’t have to move to lose their spot for the ball drop.

Can you imagine? People are more than willing to pee and poop themselves in order to see a ball drop. 

That’s not to mention the absurdly cold weather that haunted New York City for this year’s celebration. At midnight, as soon as 2017 turned into 2018, the temperature was a brisk 9 degree, with a wind chill of -4. Yet, amazingly, thousands of people still turned out in their diapers and all.

People will begin waiting around Times Square as early as 9AM the day of. Major crowd accumulate around the ball dropping area, and they are treated to some pretty amazing live performances, but is it really worth it if you need to crap your pants in order to experience it?

“I’ll definitely need to shower after peeing my pants all day,” said Ayame Yamakawa, a tourist from Japan.

Not everyone is so stoked about being at the epicenter of the celebration though. One police officer working the event explained how he would rather be spending his New Year’s Eve, “I would be in bed under the covers with a cup of hot tea — watching this on television.”

Just be thankful you aren’t a part of the cleanup crew the day after who has to pick up all those adult diapers. And confetti. And everything else that is probably trashed on New Year’s. Yuck.