Someone Found The Last Piece Of The Berlin Wall That’s Still Standing


When you find a piece of history, it’s usually a pretty important piece of news. It can catapult you into mainstream consciousness and give everyone around a much-needed lesson on the importance of historic events. Luckily, one of those occurrences happened recently as this man found a piece of the Berlin Wall that still stands.

The 37-year-old man found a stretch of the wall that is still erected that’s about 80 meters long. Not only is this significant, but it’s historic because it might be one of the last pieces of the wall to still stand after its destruction in the late 1980’s.

“According to my research, it is the last piece of the original wall,” Christian Bormann told the Berliner Zeitung. What’s even more fascinating about this discovery is the fact that Bormann found the piece of the wall nearly two decades ago. He kept quiet about his finding until now in order to preserve history.

After first finding the wall in 1999, he kept quiet as to not alert anyone of its whereabouts. But after seeing storm damage and worrying about vandals, Bormann decided to take the news public.

Bormann decided to contact local officials about the wall in order to preserve it and hopefully make it a monument of historic significance. It played a large role in German history and he thinks it would be good to have around.

It’s amazing the amazing bits of history people can just stumble upon, while the rest of the world has no clue about it. Simply fascinating.