Pizza Hut Has a Clothing Line That Your Little Skater Bro Would Probably Love

Logan Rapp
(Photo: OBSEV / Pizza Hut)

Pizza Hut, one of the more popular cheese (product) delivery systems, has always found weird ways to interest young people in their company. For example, a pizza fragrance. Go figure. Companies do odd things all the time to increase brand loyalty.

So when it comes to creating a clothing line, well, it's not entirely outside the realm of possibility. With their 2016 line, they have definitely made it possible to weird up the next Warped Tour. There are snapbacks, socks and shirts, all pizza themed, naturally.


Pizza Hut

They certainly have a…very specific clientele that they're targeting. With plenty of pepperonis and cheese to go around, pizza-themed socks have a way of making a statement. Exactly what that statement is, other than “I love pizza and maybe also half-pipes,” I'm not entirely certain.


Pizza Hut

So, uh, yeah, they also have some questionable choices in phrasing. Which, given that your little brother is probably going to think that is hilarious, just shows they know exactly who they're targeting.


Pizza Hut

Okay, maybe I'll buy that scarf. Sure, yeah. Okay.


Pizza Hut

That one, not so much. But maybe you'll find something that'll work with it.

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