Please Let This Great Gymnastics Routine Mark the End of Dabbing

Justin Caffier
(Photo: OBSEV / YouTube)

Now that your grandma knows what dabbing is (but probably not the dance move’s origins), we’ve passed the peak saturation phase of this trend and begun its painful, sad decline.

UCLA gymnast Sophina DeJesus set the Internet ablaze with her floor routine this Saturday. The PAC-12 athlete busted out all the dance moves du jour: whips, Nae Naes, Quans, and, of course, the loathsome dab.

DeJesus’ routine was undeniably impeccable though and, as such, netted her an impressive 9.925 score from the judges. The highlight was her final tumbling pass where she landed in a split.

Check out the video below. She’s phenomenal, really. But let’s all let this be the most dignified final nail in dabbing’s coffin before we beat this dead horse into a fine mist.

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