‘Plogging’ Is The Newest Fitness Trend That’s Not Only Good For Your Health, But Also For The Planet


A new fitness trend has arrived and it’s good for your health and the planet. You might think that it’s impossible to combine two very good things together, but “plogging” has done exactly that. If you are curious about the methodology of this fitness trend, let me explain its principles for you.

Plogging has origins in Sweden, where joggers will bring trash receptacles with them and clean up the trails they run. The term plogging comes from a combination of the words jogging and “plocka upp,” which is Swedish for “pick up.”

The benefits of this trend are immeasurable. We already know the health benefits of getting out into the world and running for an extended period of time, but few people have taken to cleaning up the environment while they get in shape. Additionally, the added weight of carrying trash while running causes you to burn extra calories. Plus, in order to pick up that trash you’ll be throwing in extra squats and lunges!

The trend that started in Sweden is pick up steam all over the world now, as people are trying to better themselves and their community. It certainly can’t help to clean up your environment while getting a sweat in.

Do some good for yourself, your health, and the planet. Start plogging today! It will benefit everyone in the world around you. Maybe if we all started plogging, we can finally get to the utopia we are all searching for.