The Poshest Prisons You’ve Ever Seen

The Poshest Prisons You’ve Ever Seen January 8, 2018

Posh Prisons

    When you think of prisons, do you think of cell bars and barbed wire? Strictly regimented lifestyle, inmates packed into tight cells like sardines, and unforgiving, cruel prison guards? And do you think all prisons are exactly that tough? Think again. Because some prisons are even nicer than your crappy one-bedroom apartment. In fact, some of them are positively luxurious. These posh prisons have pools, gardens and even hair salons. Inmates learn trades and, carry their own keys, coming and going as they please. So here are the most posh prisons in the world.

    Federal Prison Camp at Alderson, WV

    Posh Prisons

    Known as Camp Cupcake, this was home to Martha Stewart. There’s no barbed wire. Women start off in buildings housing over 125 inmates, but with good behavior, they are moved to cottages housing only 60 inmates. They’re are free to roam the grounds during the day as long as they sign out.