Hero Snake’s Eyes Were Bigger Than Its Stomach — It Died Trying To Eat An Animal That Literally Outweighed It


If there is ever a crazy story involving reptiles, you can always assume that the story is coming from one of two places — Australia or Florida. Today’s story comes from Naples, Florida, where a Burmese python died trying to eat a deer whole. That’s right. The snake’s eyes were bigger than its stomach and it led to its own demise.

A group o wildlife biologists had been tracking pythons in the Collier Seminole State Park in Collier County when they came across the truly mortifying sight. The 11-foot python had attempted to devour an entire fawn that weighed more than the snake itself.

It is believed to be the largest python-to-prey ratio documented to date, with the snake weighing 31 pounds and the deer weighing 35. One of the researchers explained how baffled the team was when they found the specimen, “We were sitting there just trying to process that an animal this size could get its head around what turned out to be a deer. It’s surreal to see that in the field.”

Oddly enough, it wasn’t the digestion that killed the snake, the researchers believe that if its meal was uninterrupted, the python could have downed the thing. But the researchers moved the snake out of the wild into an open area that day, and the stressed python began to regurgitate the deer. Later, the python was humanely euthanized.

But here is the picture of the snake trying to woof down its prey. Warning: It’s pretty graphic, so if you aren’t a fan of that kind of thing, do not continue any further.

Goodness gracious. This is why the python is considered an apex predator in the wild.